Sabang Dive sites

We are very proud of our 30+ dive sites with amazing views and fantastic aquatic life. Click the map below to enlarge.

Sabang Dive sites

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  • Dry Dock (21-28m)
  • La laguna Pt (5-20m)
  • Alma Jane Wreck (20-30m)
  • St. Christopher Wreck (20-24m)
  • Sabang Reef (38-50m)
  • Sabang Wreck (5-20m)
  • Sabang Pt (5-25m)
  • Monkey Wreck (40-45m)
  • Monkey Beach (5-24m)
  • Ernie’s Pt (5-24m)
  • Dungon Beach/Wall (5-28m)
  • Wreck Pt (5-18m)
  • Japanese Wreck (42m)
  • The Hill (5-15m)
  • Batangas Channel (5-15m)
  • Mamuds Reef (25-45m)
  • Sweet Lips Corner (40-60m)
  • Marcos Cave (40-50m)
  • West Escarceo (5-35m)
  • Fish Bowl (38-48m)
  • Canyons (22-32m)
  • Hole in the Wall (5-20m)
  • Pink Wall (5-15m)
  • Shark Cave (26m)
  • Atoll (18-32m)
  • Kilima Beach/Steps (5-40m)
  • Sinandigan Wall (5-35m)
  • Turtle Rock (40m)
  • Coral Cove (5-22m)
  • Boulders (5-30m)
  • Coral Garden (5-12m)
  • Manila Channel (5-24m)
  • Odies Wall (22-35m)
  • Hot Spring (5-20m)
  • Verde Island (5-80m)
  • Hibo Reef (14-85m)

Featured Dive sites

image: shark cave!


The Shark Cave is a hideout for white tip reef sharks during the day. Here you can see a shark almost every day at a very short distance.


The most famous dive site is Canyon’s. At 25-27 meters depth you may find almost anything that divers are looking for. This includes turtles, big sweet lips, and groupers. Schools of barracuda, giant jacks and all sorts of other fish are frequently seen.

Giant Turtle at Verde Island!


Alma Jane is our newest wreck at 30 meters depth. She was a costal freighter and is 35 meters long and is very easy to penetrate. Many big fish and nice corals are already at the site.


Verde Island is offering a deep wall at the drop off. Here experienced divers and tech divers enjoy a deep 65 meter wall. It is normally a nice day away making a BBQ on a neighbouring beach between dives.

image: nudi branch gardens!


Nudi branch gardens - A shallow dive perfect for making photos and a relaxing dive. These and many more dive sites are waiting for you.


This is really a hard core drift dive for experienced divers only. We drift out side Kilimar steps at high speed in a south to north direction.

image: Trip Advisor for Dream Hill Condos

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